Sedum lineare ‘Sea Urchin’

6 sea urchin sedum. May 19Sedum lineare ‘Sea Urchin’

Sea Urchin Stonecrop

This low-growing sedum is lovely! It has tiny, narrow, variegated leaves that are mint-green with a creamy white edge. During the summer the bright yellow star-shaped flowers that bloom above the foliage are an added bonus. I have had this in my garden for three years and it has been easy to grow.  Give it well-drained soil and full to part sun. It is happy to take all the heat and drought stress that comes with a Stillwater summer. I have found it to be really reliable but it is said to be winter hardy only to USDA Zone 6a. Oklahoma is so harsh I usually try plants that can survive in USDA Zone 3-4, even though we are in USDA Zone 7a!

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