Asclepia tuberosa

5 asclepia almost blooming

Butterfly-weed, Butterfly Milkweed

This is a no-brainer herbaceous perennial for Oklahoma gardens! Lovely bushy, 2′ x 2′ , or a bit bigger mound, that blooms clusters of (Americas Brightest)orange flowers. Its called Butterfly Weed because it brings in the butterflies by serving as a host nectar plant for Monarch Butterflies! The leaves are dark-green and pointed. Asclepia wants to be in full sun and is not too fussy about soil, it actually prefers poor well draining sites. It is one of the last perennials to pop up in spring so don’t get too anxious and redig the are for a new spring planting–speaking from experience. Although it is sometimes called Orange Milkweed and every OK State fan needs to plant 5. this species has no milky sap. USDA Zone 3a to 9b.

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