Achillea Millefolium ‘Moonshine’

June 2 2017yellow yarrow again almost blooming

Moonshine Yarrow, Fern Leaf Yarrow

A favorite among herbaceous perennials because of the silver-gray green feathery foliage. This yarrow loves full sun in my garden. It’s my favorite Yarrow because the flower are a pale yellow and blooms on straight stalks about 18″-24″ inches tall. Yarrow forms an 18 to 24 inch wide clumps. The blooms last a long time and I deadhead the flowers all summer to promote more flowering. I also don’t hesitate to cut back the foliage to tidy up the plant. Yarrow is both drought tolerant and needs very little water to thrive. It prefers a somewhat sandy well-drained soil. I have divided it and moved it around in the spring with success. USDA Zone 3 to 8.

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