About Cheryl

I am a gardener, plant lover, and faculty in the OSU Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.  I moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2012 after living in Athens, Georgia for 18 years.  I have learned about gardening in Stillwater from daily observation in my garden and from very friendly gardeners who have shared their experience and plants.  I have never met a gardener I didn’t like!

My garden is now in its fourth year.  It’s true what is said about plants… the first year they sleep, the second they creep, and the third year they leap.   My garden is finally starting to take shape and I am editing out and moving things around as well as trying to test new plants. Gardening is Stillwater is hard!

Growing in a Stillwater Garden is a record of my garden thoughts, trials, and tribulations.  It’s for gardeners–and my students–to learn from my observations, successes and failures.

The weather—and the climate—is harsh at my house.  I have lots of sun, a few little shade pockets, some protected area, and some really wind exposed areas.  If it grows at my house I think you can grow it from here to Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and back.

My garden is a search for plants that work, where they work, and why.  If a plant is labelled for our zone or a nearby one, I will try it and watch it for a season or two.  Learning to garden in Oklahoma means I live by the saying “if you haven’t moved it three times then it’s not in the right place.”

And meet Georgia–above.  She helps with everything.  From time to time you will see Banjo, he only has one job and he is great at it–keeping the deer away.