Salvia nemorosa

5 purple salvia may 25Salvia nemorosa

Meadow Sage

This is a very reliable herbaceous perennial. It will take full or half sun, is drought-tolerant, and has a dark purple blue flower spike. It blooms from early summer to autumn if flowers are deadheaded. after two years mine is about 18″ tall and wide but I expect it to get a little bigger before it needs dividing. All salvias bring in the butterflies and this one is no exception in Stillwater. Next year I will try to learn just who is showing up. USDA Zones 4 to 9

Verbena Bonariensis

3 tall verbena May 23Verbena Bonarieniss

Vebena Brazilian verbena, Purpletop vervain, Purple top vervain

I am not sure if this is an annual or perennial in my garden. I think an annual, I know it is reseeding, but I like the way it shows up like it is dancing around the garden. Presumably it is a hardy perennial in USDA Zone 7, it may be coming back but most of the time I find small seedlings that I move around. The pink purple-purple flower clusters stand at the ends of the stems as if they are floating. This Verbena makes a great see-through plant. Give it full sun for full height drought tolerant it’s very tall about 4 feet and for that reason an elegant contrast wherever it comes up.


Nepta ‘Walkers Low’

2 nepta walkers low may 22

Nepta ‘Walkers Low’


This is an unfussy plant–and I mean a no brainer for the Oklahoma garden. It blooms early and for a very long time. It does fine in poor to average soil and takes any amount of heat and humidity. The silver-gray foliage and pale purple flowers grows into a nice mound shape 24″ tall x 24″ wide. Because it comes out early, I don’t hesitate to shear it back as soon as the blooms fade. It comes right back and keeps blooming. Actually its not a problem to shear it back 2-3 times in the summer.